One key to a successful b2b is the element of surprise

Specialty Finishes For a distressed look over an existing base coat, rub candle wax over drawer fronts or furniture legs. Spray paint over the wax, and then sand through the top paint color and even the bottom shade, just along edges or areas of normal wear. Whack the furniture a few times with a hammer or a sock full of heavy hardware to create dents and dings.

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fake ray ban sunglasses Disclosure Armand Van Helden: Holy Ship! (Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, January 4): Holy Ship! is an EDM pleasure cruise through the Bahamas, which sailed twice in 2015 cheap ray ban sunglasses, and these boat rides were ripe with b2b sets, featuring pairings like A Trak Craze and Skrillex Kaskade. One key to a successful b2b is the element of surprise, the idea that even a successful DJ could have his/her usual rhythms disrupted, and strikes off into new mixing territory. Too often though, it works the other way: DJs conservatively spinning the usual sets, in short alternate blocks, never building to a collaborative arc. fake ray ban sunglasses

cheap ray ban sunglasses He is a partner in the Augusta based governmental relations firm of Howe, Cahill Company. Among the firm’s clients is Constellation Energy, an Exelon Fortune 100 company. Bob holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government cheap ray ban sunglasses.

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