Our eyes get 80% of their total UV exposure by age 18

Trachoma infection and its blinding consequences could be eventually eliminated by environmental measures and changes in behaviour. While the threat of increased incidence of blindness from cataract due to ozone depletion and greater solar UVR has receded, global warming may become a factor in the early onset and rapid progression of cataract. In relation to issues of health, the environment can be thought of as everything affecting the causation or outcome of disease which is not genetic.

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replica oakley sunglasses Snow and windshield glass can throw back almost double the intensity of UV rays.An optician or an ophthalmologist can evaluate the level of UV and visible light radiation that the sunglasses block by using a spectrophotometer.Bronze, copper or reddish brown colored lenses block blue light or HEV rays. To enable more protection from the sides of the sunglasses prefer a frame with a thicker temple or a wrap around type of frame.Sunglasses are in fact more necessary for kids for the following reasons.Our eyes get 80% of their total UV exposure by age 18. So it is never too early for kids to start wearing sunglasses.Kids spend much more time outdoors than most of the adults.The eyes of children are more sensitive to UV radiation and blue light.In tropical areas, at high altitudes and in environments where light is highly reflected, like sandy beaches, water, snow etc, sunglasses become all the more important for children https://www.oakleygosunglasses.com/, because of the increased UV radiation.Mirror Coated LensesThese have a special coating on the outside of the lenses. replica oakley sunglasses

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