Similar pressures exist in Pakistan

Similar pressures exist in Pakistan, where there has been growing outrage over the treatment of their Muslim kin in Kashmir.The dispersal of Pakistani fighter aircraft to temporary highway bases is not just theatre. Taking out all Pakistan’s airfields would be one of New Delhi’s first priorities in a war.This potentially deadly ballet, with soldiers and equipment moved around like pieces on a chess board, occurs every time a provocation sends tensions spiralling.The clash at Uri was the first major attack in disputed Jammu and Kashmir since nearly 900 people were killed in the Kargil War of 1999. But there have been many bloody smaller battles and terrorist attacks before and since.Even in relatively quiet times visiting the Line of Control (LoC) near the Sachien Glacier, which India seized total control over in 1984, is a bizarre experience.Other than the hapless soldiers stationed there who more often die from the cold, from the thin air or from avalanches than from fighting no Indians or Pakistanis live here.The prize is far below in the fertile Kashmir Valley, where the overwhelmingly Muslim Kashmiris have lived under Indian rule since Partition divided Britain’s Indian empire along sectarian lines in 1947.In Srinigar, Kashmir’s capital, communal tensions are such that Indian troops have been patrolling constantly there for decades.

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